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Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Review

This is a pillow that is made from foam, and it is able to support your back and your neck, it does this by adjusting your body shape as well as its position. It also helps in creating comfortability for you as you sleep. This pillow is mostly ideal for pregnant women and the side sleepers, and this is because of its ability to relieve the neck and back pain.

Materials used to make the memory foam pillow

A shredded memory foam pillow constitutes 60% polyester and 40% bamboo fibers. Bamboo material is responsible for wicking away moisture from the body hence increasing comfort. These types of pillows are normally 100% hypoallergenic, in other words, the user will not be in a position to experience an allergic reaction.

Who can buy the pillow?

This type of pillow is suitable for anybody. For people with snoring problems, this pillow can help them with that condition.

This pillow is also good for those who are pregnant; this is because it can help in providing them with the extra back and tummy support.

The people who side sleepers can also go for this pillow.

People with problems like back or shoulder pain can also opt to get this pillow, and it will help them ease the pain while sleeping.

However, children who are below two years should not use the pillow. Instead, they should be given small pillows that fit them, and adult sized pillows can be dangerous to the child because it can suffocate him or her.

Features of shredded memory foam pillow

The weight of the pillow is averagely 8.5 ponds.

The dimensions are 20*45 inches.

It is made in the USA.

It is 100% hypoallergenic.

It has a 5-year warranty.

It has a high threat- count bamboo fabric.

It is resistant from the dust mite.

It can also be washed by a machine.

The advantages

This pillow is able to place your neck in the required angle which is able to match your spine; this basically means that the pillow will hold your head in a soft, luxurious and a very comfortable position.

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It also has the ability to repel any available bacteria and can also stop molds and mildews’ growth.

This pillow is sensitive to temperature; this property allows it to adjust to the temperature of your body, therefore, as the temperature in the pillow rises, the pillow becomes softer as well, and hence help in providing a good night’s sleep. In addition, this pillow is also in a position to retain the heat hence it can provide you with warmth the entire night.

This pillow allows your head to be aligned with your neck and your spine, and this will allow the air passage to remain open hence you will be prevented from snoring.

It has an air chamber which provides greater breathability of its material, and this is very important especially when it comes to promoting the air flow that helps in keeping the pillow cool as one sleeps.

filling of Shredded Memory Foam Pillow vs other pillows


Those who bought this pillow mostly complained of its bad odor. Most of them complain that it has the smell of a plastic manufacturing floor. The good news is that a solution for this available. The solution is basically washing it in a washing machine using a detergent, after that it should be left in a dryer for a number of days.

Another problem is that some customers have difficulty in opening the pillow by using their bare hand. And this is because shredded memory foam pillows are normally shipped in a vacuum sealed package.


It is very important to be comfortable at night, however much some people take this for granted; they normally regret taking it for granted. Having a good night’s sleep can make you wake up feeling happy and jovial. You will also be able to function throughout the day energetically. That is why it is important to get this pillow, with this, you will be in a position to say goodbye to neck and shoulder pains, and for the women who are pregnant, and it will be of great help as well. You will not need to toss and continuously turn to find that better sleep position. With shredded memory foam pillow, all sleeping problems are a thing of the past. However, if you decide to get this pillow, you should be very careful not to get the wrong one, the only way to know whether you are getting the right pillow or not you is always to remember to read the pillow tags as well as the packaging material. There are a lot of companies which add this information to the memory foam products. And if you are shopping online, then you should ensure that you read all the information that the seller has listed in the specification sections.