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Durability of Memory Foam Mattress

Tiredness, either mental or physical, gets comforted by a little nap or a long night sleep. A good sleep, therefore, guarantees your mental as well as physical health. However, for a good sleep- a relaxing environment, a comfortable bed, and a soothing mattress are all essential. People often find the issue of not getting the exact quality and type of mattress they want. Most of the times the mattress is either too hard or too soft. Size and quality also come in question. Moreover, when everything seems perfect, foam expires too soon because it is not long lasting.

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One such foam, called memory foam attracts many customers. The main compound used in the manufacturing of memory foam is polyurethane. In addition to this, few other chemicals are also mixed which ensure enhanced density of memory foam mattress. LRPu (Low-resilience polyurethane foam) is another name for memory foam. Small locations are left in the foam which allows a room for air to pass through the matrix. As this mattress is high in density, therefore, it becomes a bit soft when exposed to body heat and within a span of a few minutes, adjusts accordingly. It also regains its genuine shape much faster. It is called memory foam because overtimes it remembers your sleeping position and shape of the body and therefore ensures a peaceful and sound sleep.

However, these qualities do not matter if the foam has little life. So, the real question is how long does a memory foam mattress last? Half of the answer rests with you, and the other half rests with the brand that manufactured it. The life span of memory foam will be determined by the foam used in the mattress and its quality. It would also be dependent on how often, how well and how do you look after your memory foam mattress. The Sleep Council holds a view in this regards and says that a memory foam mattress lasts for around seven to eight years. There are certain ways of taking proper care of the mattress. One is to cover up your foam with a mattress protector. This will act as a barrier between your memory foam mattress and the outer polluted environment.

However, if we need to make a proper estimate of how long does a memory foam mattress lasts then it will also be anywhere between eight to ten years. There is no exact calculation but general rules of thumb regarding the durability of memory foam mattresses. One crucial factor which also adds to the life span of the memory foam mattress is your body weight. As this particular foam keeps adjusting according to your body shape, weight and size, therefore, the impact is made by how frequent a foam shifts its balance.

Density is another factor that adds to the durability and sturdiness of the memory foam mattress. Before purchasing any foam, check its label and read its density. If the density of the foam is around 3.5 to 4 lbs./ft³, then its durability needs not to be challenged. If the density falls below this standard value, so will fall its quality. Also, if the quality of foam is not good, how comes its durability will be a good one. So always keep such technical points in your mind whenever you intend to buy a memory foam mattress. In addition to this, if anything happens to the memory foam mattress, do not panic. Warranty card is always there to help you.

Hence, if you are about to purchase a memory foam mattress and do not know how long does a memory foam mattress lasts then you need not to worry anymore. All the aspects of the mattress discussed above would surely help you in judging the quality and durability of the memory foam mattress. On a lighter note, if after seven or eight years, you feel like the mattress is still new, do change it for the sake of health issues. Because even if dust and other harmful particles do not enter mattress, they will still be stuck on the outer part of it, giving rise to different hygienic concerns. So, if you change it after seven/eight years, you will always have a neat, tidy, fresh and healthy sleeping atmosphere.